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About Us

What is Think Leaf?

Think Leaf Solutions LLP is result oriented and works to achieve the results desired. It has the vision to work on end-to-end solutions, creating solutions for businesses, and work to the best of ability to create the best development team. We work on lean basis to achieve things that can be impactful.

We work on the larger picture.

We love to work on projects that are meant to add value to the business and focus on long term goals. We work on projects of any size and volume but we focus on making it more valuable for our clients with our inputs.

Our founder Danish believes in what Jeff Bezos of Amazon thinks, which is If you can't feed a team with two pizzas, it's too large.

How We Work?

We believe in communicating. First we understand the expectation of our clients from us. What does the client envisage to be built? We usually take a day or two just on undertanding the end result desired by the client. Then we go to our drawing board to brainstorm. We usually take a span of 2-7 working days depending on the how big the project is.

Lastly we communicate with the client to understand if any gaps remain in our understanding and then we put forward a reasonable quote with a justifiable project time-line.


Users using our solutions.

4 Pairs Of Hands

One Pizza is what we need.

20+ Projects

We are just going strong, ready to jettison.

Think Leaf Solutions LLP is a web development and business consulting firm operating from Navi Mumbai, a sister city to the bustling Mumbai city. We offer web designing and development services along with businnes consultation. We work with businesses to help them grow and flourish.

With all the from Think Leaf Solutions LLP.

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