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What is Business Consulting?

You might have heard of the proverb, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Many businesses do not plan and some do tend to overlook factors. Business consulting can help you plan and avoid failure. Businesses do not consult people who will give them a much better idea about prospects.

Before reading ahead a word of caution. If you are running an organisation or are a part of the management team then only please go on and read ahead. This article is meant actually for people who own and run businesses.

What is Business Consulting?

Business consulting is related to identifying the opportunities and pitfalls a business will have to face. Many businessmen are unaware of the opportunities. Opportunities that they can take advantage of. Also on the other hand are the pitfalls that will affect their business. Since business owners are unaware of these pitfalls, they might face a loss.

If you are employing a business consultant you shall be able to identify the opportunities lying hidden and unknown to you. Even the pitfalls you are unaware of will be present to you to avoid them.

Newer opportunities that are identified can help you with more sales and revenue. Whereas the avoidance of the pitfall can save you from losses.

Who are Business Consultants?

Business consultants are often experts in their fields. They have academic, theoretical and practical knowledge. They have extensive knowledge about their field of work.

Generally, business consultants work in the fields of HR, Finance, Construction, Marketing & Sales. There are also business consultants who work on general organisational aspects. All of them bring their knowledge and expertise to the table.

If you are setting out to build your business it will be worthwhile to consult with the relevant consultant. The business consultant will be able to give you real-world ideas and feedback regarding your new venture. Their advice will be valuable as it will save you your resources such as time and money.

Why engage a Business Consultant?

You might think why do I need a consultant? Well, even if you are running a business for several years then also it will be worthwhile to engage a business consultant. A business consultant will help you to move forward and make you aware of opportunities.

You might also think about what a business consultant does. Well, they do a variety of things. And what they do is also the reason why you should hire one. Below we have listed some of the reasons:

1. Outsourcing the thinking part

When you are engaging a business consultant you explain to them the objectives you want to achieve. They will think on your part as an owner and identify the process and the plan for you. Since they are in touch with different organisation industries, they will give you a much more realistic plan.

Many businessmen who are successfully running their enterprises are engaged in daily business activities they are unable to focus on growth. Being busy with routine also keeps them away from updating themselves on major changes in their industry or sector. A consultant can help you with this.

Discuss your goals and objectives with your business consultant
Discuss your goals and objectives with your business consultant

Businessmen and entrepreneurs can engage one business consultant who will charge them and help them identify opportunities as well as pitfalls. This will save the businessmen’s time and help them invest the time saved in growth activities.

2. Manage change

If you are looking forward to implementing new systems and processes then business consultants are the best people to handle it. They are specialists in bringing change to the organisation. Many corporates employ business consultants to manage changes.

For example, if there is an implementation of new systems and processes such as SAP and Six Sigma, the respective consultants manage the whole process from end to end. This saves the time of the management and they can focus on daily activities without worrying about the change process.

3. Get More Exposure

Business consultants connect with a lot of people from different sectors and organisations. They have a network that is spread across organisations and regions. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the networks and the knowledge of the business consultant without spending their precious time. They can engage one business consultant who will charge them and help them connect with more like-minded people.

4. Teach and implement best practices

Consultants are aware of leading practices in different industries. They can help you implement industry-wide used practices so that your organisation is at par with the leading players. Also, new and groundbreaking innovations can be implemented with their help.

Many times employees need to be trained. This training can be imparted by a specialised business consultant. For example, if you want your employees to be trained in IT, you can engage an IT-specialised business consultant to impart training. Similarly, this can be achieved for finance and marketing.

5. Drive efficiency and productivity

Any business owner and stakeholder want their employees and staff to perform efficiently and productively. Business consultants can help you to motivate, train and implement best practices for your employees. They can help your employees to perform better through different techniques which they implement over a period of time as required.

Training programmes for employees are an investment
Training programmes for employees are an investment

Companies are known to train and drive efficiency in their employees through training and education imparted to them. A special case which I remember is of Toyota.

During the crisis of 2008, the production of Toyota USA was down to zero. At this time Toyota implemented training programmes for their employees. These programmes aimed to make them future-ready. These employees were paid salaries and also given training. When production resumes they will be able to perform better and more efficiently.

This training and education seem to have given multiple dividends to Toyota over the next couple of years. Today, Toyota is a leading name in hybrid cars too.


Engaging a business consultant can go a long way. In terms of time and money saved it can give you multiple returns as compared to the cost of engaging one. Many corporations have in-house consultation experts who help them on daily basis. These consultants make it easier and faster for the company to succeed.

The trend to employ or engage a business consultant has been seen in SMBs too but with limited appeal. SMBs who want to grow will benefit from employing a business consultant. They should also understand that the results will come sooner or later. Corporate houses tend to see results within a span of a few months.

If you are interested in engaging a business consultant then please connect with us. We do offer consultancy services for businesses. We have worked with SMBs for helping them with starting up a new organisation, establish a business and even run it.

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