What is Think Leaf Solutions?

A lean firm with focussed and experienced team to help your business


We at Think Leaf Solutions welcome you. We welcome you to be a part of our journey. We have been working on projects and would love to work with you too. We work on projects of any size and volume but we focus on making it more valuable for our clients with our inputs.

What is Think Leaf Solutions?

Think Leaf Solutions is a registered LLP in India. We are result oriented and work to achieve the results desired. We have the vision to work on end-to-end solutions, creating solutions for businesses, and to work to the best of our abilities to create the best development team. We work on lean basis to achieve things that can be impactful.

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We love to work on projects that are meant to add value to the business and focus on long term goals. Our work should add value to the client's business or organisation. If you want a solution for your business, need consultation or are looking to start a business, then we shall be happy to work with you and make it happen.

The Start

Think Leaf Solutions started out in the year 2017. Think Leaf was started to help businesses evolve and get them online. We worked on getting businesses online and also on setting up new businesses for our clients.

We delivered what was asked and have consistent with it. We work on realistic terms, on goals that are realisable. We do not over-promise and under deliver.

The Journey

The journey is still on and we are working or should we say walking towards our destination. We invite you to be a part of the journey. We can help you if you would let us know your idea and make it a reality.

Think Leaf was started with the idea to plant seeds that would bore fruits year after year. We at Think Leaf Solutions make a clear distinction between a start-up and traditional business. For us, in words of Danish Lala, one of the Partners:

A Start-Up is an idea whose time has not come yet. But to start is imperative since the idea needs germination and requires a certain time to grow. The product or service offered by the start-up shall find takers in numbers soon but not immediately.

We work to create products and services. We fail and we succeed but we do not stop. We have worked with existing businesses to help them evolve and with new entities to help them create something new.

Start Messaging

Start Messaging was launched by us at Think Leaf Solutions when we started out. We wanted to provide a reliable SMS service. We wanted to provide a service at cost effective rate with customer focus. We approached small firms and businesses and our very first customers were businesses who wanted to leverage SMS marketing.

Start Messaging is a secured SMS gateway. It can be integrated with any web or mobile application with minimum effort. We have ready to deploy APIs that can be integrated in any web or mobile app. You can run a Google search for 'secured sms solution' and pretty sure we shall be on the top of the list.

Business Blueprint - BBP

When people come to us with an idea, we go forward and prepare a Business Blueprint (BBP) for them. This is a document that acts as a roadmap or the pole star for the launch and initial run of the business. We help the business to launch and make it run as per this very document.

The BBP is made in accordance to the requirements of the business and standard practices of the industry. We try to incorporate the best practices of the industry. BBP is preferred by individuals with a vision and want to execute their business with precision and finesse.

The $100 Website

We launched the $100 Website option for new start-ups, small firms and an new businesses who want to start with the bare minimum. Anyone wanting to start a business and want to make their business presence online can start with a One Page Website. We offer a complete package for just a $100.

You get everything in the package from domain to deployment. It is an ideal way to start your online presence and build on it.


Individuals with new ideas can approach us for insights and launch of their business. If you have an idea but are unsure on how and when to launch it, then we can help you solve the puzzles. We would be happy to chat with you on your idea or meet over a cup of coffee for new refreshing takes.