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We offer a host of services to our clients right from making a simple website for them to establishing their presence in the on-line world to creating an end-to-end solution for them to tackle everyday routine tasks.

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Start From Basics


e-Mail Servers


Applications Development


The Basics

The Basics of Web, HTML. We start here, building the code from scratch. We use libraries only when we are sure they are well tested and well supported. HTML alongwith CSS or Less alongwith Java Script is what we start our work on.

e-Mail Servers

Control your Communication

We set-up your own e-mail server with total control over it. No dependency on third party e-Mail providers. We deploy the e-Mail server for you on secured servers and give the control over to you. With your own mail server under your total control you can be rest assured and focus more on the business.

Solutions Development

End-to-End Solutions

We create and deploy end-to-end custom solutions depending on the requirement of the business. We understamd the requirements of the business and client, have discussions in details and proceed to blueprinting the project on which we excute after a sign-off from the client.

App Development

Creating Applications

We create apps and deploy them for you. We create Web Apps as well as Android and iOS apps. Our clients have requirement from having realtime data tracking which may be in the form of sales orders, inventory or even temperature control. Your requirement is what we fulfill.

Online Shop

Boost Your Sales

Today people prefer to search for products online before they think of making any purchase. Open up a store in the on-line world and get customers from your existing markets as well as other markets. Don't be limited because of geographical boundaries. We can help you set-up logistics too.

Social Media Managment

Content Management

We handle your social media so that you can focus on your business and make it grow. Social Media can not be ignored in today's time and is a very crucial place for visibility, sales driving and even after sales support in some cases. We charge nominal rates and post content relevant to your business on the social media.

Graphic Designs

Logos, Mockups & much more

We design logos for your brand and business. We design visiting cards, stationery, flyers, banners, product mock-ups, social media assets and much more. We provide a holistic service for all design services for your business. You can outsource your design needs to us and work on building your business rather than worry about making superb designs.

Marketing Services

Reach out to the customer

We provide you an email as well as an SMS gateway for reaching out to your customers. Connect to them and put forward your services and product. Start with our email and SMS services to send your promotions to your customers.

"We believe in fulfilling the requirements of our clients to the best of our ability. We as a team work closely, with the best technology suitable for the client's business. We maintain confidentiality on request."

Think Leaf Solutions LLP is a web development and business consulting firm operating from Navi Mumbai, a sister city to the bustling Mumbai city. We offer web designing and development services along with businnes consultation. We work with businesses to help them grow and flourish.

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