SMS in times of IoT technology

IoT in simple words means connecting different devices we use. It achieves this through wifi and the internet. IoT is an upcoming area in technology wherein the goal is to connect all the little and small and big devices. All these devices can be controlled through an application or central hub.

The ultimate aim is to make human lives easier by connecting the devices one owns. An example is connecting & controlling electronic appliances such as a washing machine and an air conditioner. You can control the working of both of them through IoT from anywhere in the world.

Impact of 5G on IoT

As the super-fast 5G and cloud technologies raise their heads the world over, we are on the brink of always-on connectivity. The implementation of new technologies such as 5G will facilitate more automation. Businesses shall explore new avenues of automation which have been never explored before or were not possible due to limitations of existing technologies.

5G will impact every industry, creating new ecosystems of fully connected devices and technologies. It will be a new revolution in business, industry and technology.
5G shall also demand a way of communication and different ways of authentication.

A safe means of communication today is SMS. Texting is the most reliable way to send any information. Texting is preferred due to its simplicity, ubiquity and safety.

IoT application screen displaying information from different connected devices
IoT application displaying information from different connected devices

Why SMS is an ideal medium for communication?

With an SMS, businesses can reach users anywhere in the world, even when the mobile data function is switched off. The SMS message will undoubtedly be delivered as SMS doesn't rely on the Internet. It is the only technology harmonized between all mobile operators in the world.

As observed, business messaging, commonly referred to as A2P, is booming in the past few years. It's a no-brainer then to see other advanced technologies such as IoT deploying it.

As the world is becoming more connected than ever before the level of automation shall be increasing only. SMS shall be a crucial feature for IoT and M2M developers and enterprises. It is the only communication channel that works on every cellular-enabled device and every network.

SMS is the most effective data-transfer channel, which is of paramount importance for IoT. Moreover, both P2P and A2P messaging is essential to IoT, as per the use case. Whether an alert needs to reach a human being or another machine, an SMS covers every scenario.

To conclude, SMS plays an integral part in how IoT devices communicate, especially when it comes to sending critical data, notifications, and alerts.

Why is SMS ideal for IoT?

Let us consider the reasons for SMS being ideal for IoT.

1. Global coverage

An SMS can virtually reach any part of the world. Wherever there is telecom connectivity an SMS can be delivered. The only requirement apart from the 24x7 connectivity of a telecom network is a cell phone which can receive an SMS.
SMS service is spread across the world.

The 2G, 3G, 4G, and the latest 5G networks are enabling SMS to reach far and wide corners of the world. These networks are stable and mature enough to guarantee safe message delivery, which is of paramount importance for the IoT.

2. Cost-Effective

IoT can use bulk SMS messaging services such as Start Messaging to send the data. Such messaging traffic is exceptionally cost-efficient for any business organisation. Hence, brands and enterprises are opting for the A2P SMS as the most preferred means of communication today!

indian-farmers-cheking-weater-updatesIndian Farmers checking their weather updates

3. Sky-high deliverability

Bulk SMS traffic has very high delivery rates, 99.99% can be a reliable number in this case. By choosing a reliable SMS carrier, SMS API provider, or SMS platform vendor, you as an IoT service provider or IoT device maker can keep SMS deliverability rates close to 100%!

4. Reliability

For IoT service when provided, it is essential to have a communication channel that will deliver notifications quickly and reliably. In case even if other channels are employed to deliver notifications an SMS service is the most secured fallback option. In case of an electric power outage, an SMS message will reach the handset since the SMS Gateway is independent of the IoT service.

5. Power-efficient

You have to establish a permanent connection to an IP enabled IoT device. In case of a low power state, the device needs to be 'awakened' to establish full connectivity with the central system. Such processes drain already low power supply. SMS is ideal in such situations as it requires almost no power at all.

6. Mobile App alternative

As IoT makes rise to a new morning, the idea of downloading a new app for each connected device might sound tardy to the end-users. Reason? Because of the app fatigue caused. There are so many apps already on our mobile phones. Therefore, SMS may be the perfect fit with no additional installation of any app.


An SMS Gateway is the best way to connect IoT devices and services with anyone to communicate with from an organisation point of view. It is cost-effective and easy to adopt and use. Many organisations the world over rely on an SMS Gateway to get communications and authentications up and running.

In the coming times when 5G shall be the dominant technology for data transfer and new arenas shall open up in Gaming, E-Commerce and Industries, an SMS gateway shall be the pillar stone of communication.

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