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Today we start yet again to build a blog - the Think Leaf Blog. We say yet again since this is not the first time we are building it up from scratch. But this time we have experience and we have a destination.

We now know what we should write, who should read what we write and how it can benefit both the reader and us.


The Think Leaf Blog shall be a resource for businesses. You can be a businessman running a small business and want to know more about scaling up. Or you can be a VP of an LLC thinking of starting your own enterprise or maybe just 20 years old having a resolve to start your business. This blog shall act as a resource for you.

What will the blog offer?

The blog shall be covering particular categories to cater to our readers. Just as there are publications that cater to a specific group of people having a set of interests this blog shall also be covering a few categories.

We shall be mostly writing about different aspects of businesses. We have invited people from different walks of life to have them write about the different aspects of businesses. We hope to bring a varied list to read but focus only on one thing business.

Mostly we shall be covering broadly the following categories:

  1. Business Aspects
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Tech for Business
  4. Business Stories
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Who should read this blog?

Anyone can read this blog. We shall be writing about topics geared towards entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, and anyone who wants more information about the business - structures, analysis, tech, finance, real-world stories, et al.

Why should you read the Think Leaf Blog?

Think Leaf Blog is geared to share information and make the readers educated about business aspects. You shall find business analysis - analysis about different things related to business. This information shall be helpful for you to make informed decisions.

Your reason for subscribing and reading this blog shall vary depending on who you are. You shall find the reasons below if you are one of the following:

  1. Entrepreneurs: They are always on the lookout for knowledge and keep themselves updated. Updated knowledge helps them make sound and informed decisions.
  2. SMB Owners / Proprietors: They want to grow their business and look out for new opportunities. For them, this blog is a knowledge base to keep themselves abreast of things related to business.
    The content we share here can help them make decisions to make their business grow from small/medium to big and bold.
  3. Startups: We agree that startups have a good knowledge base since they hire the best of talent. Still, this blog can give them a gem or two. So, if you are a founder then you can gain too from our blog.
  4. Students: They are hungry for knowledge. And in today's time if they are budding entrepreneurs then they are on the right path to gaining knowledge about business and systems.

Why start the blog now?

We had limited success before with blogging which we could not capitalise on due to various reasons, one of them being the deficit of focus due to time constraints. Now, we are clear about the end result we want and shall work towards it.

Also, we shall be writing about this too in one of our future posts. So be with us to learn more about why we started a blog and what is the roadmap ahead.

You can read about different things on our blog including analysis of business, content management systems and just our random thoughts.


Think Leaf Blog is here to help business owners primarily with knowledge. We shall be bringing on people from different industries and aspects of the business to write upon so that you as a business owner can get practical and real-world information.

Follow us on social media - our Facebook Page and Twitter Page - and share your thoughts and feedback with us. We shall be happy to hear from you.

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