Why does every business need a website?

Businesses the world over are hopping on to the internet to increase their sales. Websites are coming up every day at an alarming pace. Why would you not have a website?

You can have a simple website built to showcase your business. Or you can have an e-commerce website built for taking orders online.

A business website can be used for attracting leads and customers. It can help you get sales or just engage with your customers.

In this article, we shall dwell on the reasons why you require a website. You might be a business, an individual, or just an organisation. Having a website will benefit you. We shall discuss today what are those benefits.

Why does every business need a website?

There are many benefits of having a website. Most of these benefits, directly and indirectly, lead you to have more revenue and sales. More of the topline adds to your bottom lines. Let’s dive into the benefits.

1. Greater Exposure - you get found

When you have a website, you get greater exposure than if you did not have a website in place. Most search engines will index your website. Even if you have a single-page website it will be indexed. This will help you to get found in search results.

Today people search for things that they are unaware of. And this curiosity is an important factor for you to have a website.

Imagine you are at a business conference sharing the features and benefits of your wonderful product or service. Now if you do not have a business website then mostly you will lose potential customers.

man searches google
People search on the internet to know more about you

For businesses, the website is the first and most important point of contact. The website portrays your vision as well as your mission to the world. You might be a small firm doing a relatively small business. But if you have a website you increase your chances of getting found and thus increase your sales.

Even if you’re starting we recommend you have a website. During the idea validation stage, you can host a simple website so that people can get in touch with you.

We have seen in our experience businesses starting their operations without a website. They had met with a disastrous conclusion. Imagine going into a meeting where the opposite person searches for you on a search engine. And could not find anything on you.

Since you do not have a website, the search result showed nothing about you. There are high chances that your image and brand have taken a big hit.

2. Existence - Do you exist?

If you do not have a website then your business does not exist. One of the first things businesses do today is to get a website up and running as soon as possible. Sometimes, the website is up and running even before the operations are in place.

Today, people do a simple search on Google to know anything. For your prospective customer to come across you, you should be in the search results. For this, you need a website.

Even a single-page website is enough to get you into search results. Although many factors are involved to get you to the top of search results the starting point is to have a website in place.

Thus, you must have a website for your business to let the world know you exist.

3. Attracting Clients and Customers

A website can be many things for a business. A website can be an e-commerce store that can act as a Store that is open 24 x 7 for your business. Thus, even if the employees and owners are sleeping the orders are being taken and then processed.

With the help of a website, especially with the About page the company or a business can tell about itself. A business can use the website to attract customers and clients. It can let the world know what it stands for and wants to achieve.

4. Outreach Activity

When somebody is searching for a particular business, the team page helps. It helps to identify if the business is in the right hands with the right vision. The team page tells the world about the team's expertise and experience in the field. It acts as an outreach activity for your business.

people meeting to discuss
Businesses can tell about their team and expertise

Many businesses today run blogs to increase their outreach. Blogs are a great way to showcase the talent of the team. Businesses can write about their expertise and let the world know what they can do.

Say for example you are running a legal firm. You have written a blog post on contract drafting. If someone is looking for legal help on drafting contracts then they are most likely to approach you for your services.

Remember websites with blogs and relevant content rank higher in Google search and thus attract more visitors.

Similarly, if you’re selling a product on an e-commerce store which is your website blog will help you to attract more customers and increase your sales.

5. Leads Collection

Imagine somebody searching for you or your services at around 2 AM. Since your offices are closed they cannot call you and speak to you. But your website can act as a lead collection point for you.

When somebody comes to your website you can have their email and other contact details to be collected through a proper form. These details are made available to you through email or a simple login to your website. Thus even when you are sleeping you are collecting valuable leads which can be converted to fruitful customers.

In the absence of a website, you would have lost this particular lead. Also, it happens that when somebody is searching for a particular service or product they research it. They search for different vendors who sell the product or the service they are looking for.

When you have a website you can rank for keywords and appear in the search results. This helps you to gain customers and leads that previously did not even know about you.

6. Increased income

The different points mentioned above refer to one thing. The result of achieving the above points is getting increased revenue and hence increased profits and income.

In the absence of a website, your business might have lost leads and revenue. Thus, a website helps you to increase your revenue and in turn your profits.

7. Ahead of the competition

Still many of your competitors will not be having a website. In this case, when you have a website you are ahead of your competitors. Your competitors will be lagging in comparison to you.

You shall be ahead in the race as compared to your competitors who do not have a website or any kind of online presence.

8. Increase in Trust

When you have a website you can also list it on different directory websites such as Yellow Pages, Just Dial and Yelp. These websites help you to increase trust in the eyes of your customers.

Rating websites are websites where people rate a particular organisation or a business. People rate on different parameters as well as overall.

For example, a Restaurant can be rated overall and on parameters such as ambience, food, service and pricing. If the restaurant has a good rating of around 4.5 out of 5 then people are likely to visit it.

When people view your business as having a high star rating they will surely visit your website to know more about you. Thus, your website acts as a bridging point to help you increase the trust in the eyes of your customers.


We have mentioned the different points and benefits for you to have a website for your business or even as an individual. The trend is clear. Businesses, as well as individuals, are now having personal and professional websites in place.

In today’s digital world search and technology are what is powering decision-making. Whenever we are making decisions we tend to look out for more information that is available on the internet. This information is available on different websites.

These websites are either run by the businesses providing you goods and services or by individuals in a personal capacity. In another sense, the information flows from a person to you through a website.

If you are starting your new business then we suggest you have at least a simple one-page website or an e-commerce store as per your requirement. If you want more help with building a website, then we can help you to make one.

Connect with us today to get a quote to know more about how you can have your website up and running. We shall be happy to help you. We also request you to share this article on social media and share your feedback with us.

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