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Simple one page websites for you

Get your business online with a simple one page website. Get your business presence online.

How does a one page website help you?

The start of the digital journey begins with one page website

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Attractive Pricing

We are not your traditional web design agency. We offer you a starting point so attractive in pricing that you will not hesitate to bring your business online. We give you the oppurtunity to start journey online now with one page website.

We understand that when starting up costs are a concern. Hence we offer a great price for you to launch your one page website. Thus, the pricing is not a hindrance to make yourself online.

woman depicting office is now in palm of the hands
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Online Presence

Every business today needs a website. Without a website your business does not exist. Getting this online presence should not be costly and time consuming. Simple one page website is your start to build an online presence.

Since starting up requires many desicions to be made, website should not be a hassle. Your business can grow and you should be able to spent the least time worrying about your website.

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Complete Package

You get a complete package from us. We handle the domain right from identifying the correct TLD to buying one and maintaining it for you. We host your website on our shared Virtual Private Server. Your website is accessible 24x7 by anyone through your domain.

We do basic SEO for our clients so that they can easily get better results and higher rankings in the major search engines. We install a Domain Validated SSL Certificate to make your website secured. Thus you get a complete package when you opt to make a website from us.

man saving dollars from drowning

Did you know?

Businesses without a website or a business email address are considered non-existent. If your business is not on Google you are not real.

What our clients say?

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Great work on website. Delivered my website within the time and smootly.

P Saravanan

Manager @ Sathya Publishers

F.A.Q. (H2)

Business websites are the bare minimum today. A website gives a business an online presence and validates its existence. Business application can be a requirement depending on the need of the organisation.

Websites can cost you a bare minimum. But a good website with additional features can cost you more. Also the return from a website can be manifold. Business Applications costs depend on the fucntionality and features that are requested by the organisation.

Small and Medium Businesses can surely benefit from even a single website. As the business grows, an SMB can invest in applications.

The rate of return on money invested in technology varies. But it surely does pay you returns in both short-term as well as the long-term.

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